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  • Donna Lucas

     Owner & Instructor @ Absolute Pilates East

  • Jessi Swartz

    Here’s a Little Bit about Me:

    Maintaining a healthy body and fit mind are essential to living a fulfilling life!

    Pilates has been influential in creating the best version of myself. I decided to train as an instructor to help people do the same! Since then I have been pouring my energy into instructing, observing, and participating in Pilates with the Teacher Training program. As a recent college graduate I am ambitious to start a journey doing something I enjoy!

    My Resume:

    I am Mat Pilates certified and participating in the comprehensive equipment training program as an Apprentice Instructor. I plan on becoming Barre certified in the near future as well.

    My Teaching Philosophy

    Take some time for yourself! I am passionate about empowering women, as it is essential for long-term personal and professional success. My classes are energetic and combine classical exercises with innovative variations. As instructors we are not only motivating clients but inspiring them to feel their best inside and out!

    My Rocks:

    My parents serve as my unyielding rocks! I aspire to be just like my mother – a committed mother, wife and professional. Fitness is something we share as workout partners (although she regularly kicks my butt). My father teaches me about dedication and strong work ethic as he embodies those traits every day.

    Lacey, my yellow lab, is my ultimate supporter and snuggle buddy!

  • Nicole Cassel

    About me:I began my fitness career about 14 years ago by obtaining a certification in group indoor cycling. From there, I moved on to obtaining certifications in TRX suspension training, Mat Pilates, Barre, Group Fitness and Personal Training. Throughout the years, I have taught a variety of fitness classes, with my favorites being Pilates and Boot Camp, along with beginner and intermediate running programs. And now that I have added Equipment Pilates to my offerings, I feel that I can provide clients a well-rounded approach to exercise and properly caring for their bodies.

    My Resume:  I received my B.S. in Marketing from Albright College and a Masters of Education in Training and Development from Penn State Harrisburg. I believe learning is a lifelong journey, not a destination! It was at Albright where I put my love of running to the test by joining the cross country team, which provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself with longer distances and faster paces. As I have matured, I’ve gained a new appreciation for strength training, stretching, and really focusing on the importance of a strong core – and this is exactly how I realized that Pilates was a perfect fit for my fitness goals!

    My passion for helping others carries over into my full-time career working at a non-profit, overseeing member insurance programs, human resources, and wellness initiatives. The majority of my free time is spent teaching and/or training clients, running or hitting the gym, and going on adventures with friends. 

    My Teaching Philosophy:  I am very enthusiastic about fitness and helping others achieve new goals. I enjoy assisting them with living a healthy lifestyle. Knowing that I can help make a difference in another person’s life is what motivates me to teach and train others. I love knowing that someone who never knew what a teaser was – let alone had the abdominal strength to perform one – can now master the move, even adding in props for increased difficulty, and I had a part in helping them reach success! I like to challenge my clients, but also be there to support them throughout the entire process of transforming not only their body, but their perception of what they see when they look in the mirror. I rely on my background in adult education and utilize learning theories to create fun classes and workouts for my clients that will motivate and inspire.

    My Rocks:  I’m blessed to have an amazing family, the most supportive parents, a sister who encourages me to try new things and always be learning, and an absolutely incredible boyfriend, who not only lets me use him as my Pilates guinea pig and fosters my love for adventure and fitness, but inspires me to be the very best teacher and athlete I can be.